Cloud Business Software Solutions

Access your business systems from anywhere at anytime using the power of Cloud technology and custom software. Cloud technology is an important step forward in accessibility and reliability. By using a combination of technology, including MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server, Microsoft .Net and MVC, HTML 5.0, CSS 3 and the Microsoft Orchard CMS, we are able to create solutions in the shortest time with which have the most impact for business in terms of Results. VBA is still an important part of the mix, but not the only part. Microsoft Access is very powerful and we can quickly build management tools for back end databases which power websites and web applications. This allows for rapid development and flexibility in design while the UI developers catch up and implement the tools for the web. MS Excel is excellent for reporting. So we build web applications which export data in Excel format, so end users can work with that as they want to. We also build Excel Template applications using VBA which are pre-built for a certain reporting need, the data is simply exported to that template and displayed as required. Talk to us today about your business needs.